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    By WhichEV

    February saw 52% of the vehicles sold in the UK, supplied with an electric motor. Combining pure battery electric with the various hybrid options, creates the conditions for a tipping point where the move to electricity for cars has well and truly arrived. But what are we likely to see in the near future?

    What is the logical development from electric cars? Australian innovators, Alauda, believe they have the answer – flying vehicles.

    The Adelaide based company is seeking production partners for an electric flying vehicle that can hit 225mph in just 30 seconds. They are hoping for a real-world range of 188 miles. Test flights are happening now and it will enter competition next year.

    So how much will they cost? According to CEO Matt Pearson, once in full production they expect the street price to be no higher than buying a Tesla.

    Will flying vehicles be the standard company car by 2040?  A personal vehicle that can do London to Manchester in less than an hour would certainly reduce the queue for tickets on HS2.

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