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  • THE WHICHEV VIEW: Solar panels – The next big leap forward for EVs?

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    We all know that the smaller, lighter, cheaper electric vehicles will kickstart a transportation revolution. But what about the cost of refuelling?

    Various crises around the world has meant a massive jump in the cost of all forms of energy.

    But the sun continues to shine, its power is free and available – and the technology required to harness that energy, continues to improve.

    While it is easy to imagine buildings of the future, being completely covered in solar panels that charge either cars directly or battery storage for use later – many vehicle manufacturers are now looking at integrating solar panels into the vehicles themselves.

    Elon Musk believes that it will be possible to generate 20 to 40 miles of range per day per car – simply by covering available surfaces with solar cells, allowing the car to charge when it is not being driven.

    Between building-based and on-the-car photovoltaic cells – can we really moved to a future where we have a far smaller reliance on the grid?

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