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  • The WhichEV View: Affordable EVs now arriving with 300+ mile range

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    By WhichEV

    This multi-award winning MG4 EV design has now been revised with a much stronger power train/battery combination, with the updated version now offering a 323 mile range. That means the car is is likely to be able to complete London>Manchester without stopping – opening up new possibilities for fleet users.

    As WhichEV points out in its Care of the Year guide, theMG4 EV costs less than half as much as a Tesla Model Y, and as a result is the more significant new arrival in the last 12 months.

    It probably won’t sell as many units as the Model Y even after a full year on the market, but it draws a line in the sand about EV pricing. While the MG4 EV uses some cheap materials and still needs a little more work in its infotainment (albeit much better than before), in every area it’s more than just acceptable.

    In fact, it’s great to drive, immensely practical, and – most importantly – sets a new benchmark for EV value. If any car released in the last year sets the direction for electric cars, it’s the MG4 EV. This car comes close to making EVs better than ICE in every way – including sticker price.

    Read WhichEV’s full review of the original MG4 EV.


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