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  • The WhichEV Review: MG4 EV 2022

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    By James Morris, WhichEV

    Despite demand for diesel shrinking at rates close to 50% year on year, while demand for battery electric vehicles grows by close to 60%, one thing has plagued EVs has been ‘affordability at the point of purchase’

    Largely, this has been down to battery tech, but the number of manufacturers competing for the buyer’s money, is also a factor

    Looking at the publicly available data up to the start of August 2022, there were around 140 EV models on offer in the UK – with a further 36 products planned for the near future

    One of those that has just launched is the brand new MG4 EV, with very attractive external styling and a full range of driver-comfort features

    In a world where the average price of a new EV in the UK is just over £52,000 – the MG4 starts at a very respectable £26,000

    The average WLTP range of EVs on offer today is 210 miles – so the 280 mile maximum range of the MG4 makes it stand out and it is able to pick up charge at the rate of 135kW from a public DC charger

    What really makes this car stand out is the lease price

    Without too much effort, you can see business leases starting at just £210 per month + vat:-

    From a Fleet Manager’s perspective, that makes the MG4 a highly viable option when transitioning your employees to the new fuel technology

    You can read/watch the full review on WhichEV here…


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