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  • Tesla introduces new pricing structure for Supercharger network

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    Tesla has revised its pricing structure for its Supercharger network in the UK, introducing a new membership model that offers lower charging rates for all electric vehicle (EV) owners. The company confirmed that as of April 13th, it moved to a membership-based system, where Tesla owners are enrolled automatically.

    Having lost ground to BYD in terms of pure EV sales, Tesla is now launching a marketing initiative in an area where it knows it can win – its Supercharger Network. We recently discussed product pricing with a senior member of Tesla’s management team. When we asked, “So how long before we will be able to buy a Tesla for £20-25,000?” – we got a wry smile along with the reply, there’s one over there. The Tesla chap was pointing to a two year old Model 3 Standard Range. For now, that’s all Tesla has to compete with the up-coming flood of decent quality Chinese options arriving in European markets.

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