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  • It’s time to combat deliberate EV misinformation

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    By WhichEV

    WhichEV has been on a mission to electrify over the last 5 years. In that time, we have met with a lot of half-truths and ill-informed opinions about electric vehicles in general, but more specifically the manufacturing processes, raw materials, pollution and a host of other issues.

    We welcome the initiative kicked off by Robert Llewelyn from Fully Charged and Quentin Willson from ChargeFair – to combat deliberate misinformation in the market.

    Time and again, EV drivers have been surveyed and only a tiny fraction ever consider going back to slow, smelly, expensive to run petrol/diesel vehicles. The vast majority are working on strategies to maximise performance and range, while minimising inconvenience and cost.

    You can read more about the Llewelyn-Willson initiate here.


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