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  • How much will solar and batteries play a part in your company’s future?

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    By WhichEV

    We all know that electricity prices come down by up to 75% at night, but few of us have suitable storage set up to take advantage of those rates.

    But what about during the day? One solution is to ‘go solar’.

    Until recently, that would have meant a HUGE surface of your building needing to be covered with panels.

    However, as technology develops in this area, generating and storing electricity at the workplace will become far more common place.

    The first solar experiment was demonstrated back in the 1800s and was less than 1% efficient. In other words, only a tiny fraction of the available power was transformed into electrical power.

    Today, that figure is closer to 25% – with panels that are around 30% efficient likely to appear in the market very soon.

    To read more about this topic, head over to WhichEV.


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