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  • Charging your EV at home: Everything you need to know

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    By WhichEV
    As the pace picks up in the (r)evolution from fossil fuel to electric vehicles, one question get asked more than any other: How can I charge my EV?
    Commercial haulage operations will almost certainly need to have full charging stations installed at their key bases. This is something that companies like Renault Volvo and DAF will build into a complete quote for electrifying your company’s transportation system.
    For travelling sales people and executives, a lot of the time they will be able to charge at home overnight but – when they are out and about – they may need to be part of a charging network like Juice from Octopus. That will allow them to get the best rates across thousands of different charging points (including very high speed chargers from Osprey etc) while helping your accounts team to stay in control of costs and the processing of expenses.
    Whether you are charging for a personal or business vehicle the principles remain the same and you can find out more in this article…

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