Automakers told they can cut material emissions by 60% by 2040 - Fleet Summit
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  • Automakers told they can cut material emissions by 60% by 2040

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    Electric vehicles are easier to design, easier to make and easier to maintain. However, they have forced every major car company to reconsider their manufacturing processes and supply chains – because of the new technologies being developed and used.

    Across the whole of the automotive sector, 30% of the world’s pollution emissions are created. That’s something that car makers are addressing as they prepare for the manufacturing processes of tomorrow.

    The move to electricity takes care of a lot of the emissions from fuel oils, but what about the manufacturing process itself?

    Specialist consultancy Bain & Company, help major organisations ‘think differently’ about the markets in which they operate and to give fresh consideration to how they do business at all. Bain & Company call this new way of thinking an ‘insurgent mindset’ and they have been helping companies reinvent themselves since 1973.

    A new analysis by Bain & Company shows that the European automotive sector could reduce emissions associated with materials used to produce vehicles, by up to 60% before 2040.

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