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    For fleet managers, managing parking payments is tricky. Using solutions that aren’t tailored to fleets as a workaround may seem clever at the time, but these are riddled with risk and a massive time drain.

    A workaround that doesn’t work

    PayByPhone, the global leader in mobile parking payments, realised that a precarious approach to fleet parking was being adopted by businesses throughout the country. Companies were signing up for accounts designed for personal use, adding their company card and providing each driver with the same username and password.

    Adam Dolphin, UK Sales Director, PayByPhone, says: “Companies can be forgiven for thinking this workaround might work but personal accounts just aren’t designed for that. It actually creates more work for a busy fleet manager, not less.”

    Using a PayByPhone personal account to cater for a corporate fleet facilitates anonymous parking – businesses have no way of knowing who booked what session. Anyone with access to the account can park any vehicle and if a driver leaves the business, they still have the app, so can still pay for parking with their former employer’s card. Payment details are also visible to anyone with access to the account so these details could be misused.

    “Fleet managers should always opt for solutions that are bespoke to their needs, like our PayByPhone Business, which delivers security, visibility and efficiency, enabling businesses to take back control,” Dolphin adds.

    PayByPhone Business’ centralised system gives fleet managers visibility over all parking activity in a simple solution. The portal enables admins to manage their fleet of both vehicles and drivers, adding and removing access as appropriate.

    PayByPhone Business is scalable, so there is no limit to the numbers of vehicles a company can add, and for added convenience, they can be added in bulk. Payment can be made from one credit card for all drivers for maximum simplicity. And for added security, once a driver or vehicle is deleted, the associated business payment card will immediately be removed, safeguarding the account.

    To find out more and to sign up your fleet visit https://park.paybyphone.co.uk/business.


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