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  • WEBINAR REWIND: Big Data & Maximising Performance with Webfleet

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    Don’t worry if you missed last week’s webinar from Webfleet looking at the use of big data in fleet management – You can re-watch the entire session online!

    Big data is central to our lives on a level not seen before, even if we don’t know it. The stock levels available on supermarket shelves, to which TV programs Netflix recommends, or scientific advice in the government’s daily briefings, it’s all a result of big data feeds that everyone is a part of, and fleet is no exception.

    Joined by Highways England, the Webfleet team will explored how big data is already driving change in current transport operations and shaping the future of mobility.

    So whether you are looking at the safety & wellbeing of employees on our roads, using AI to assist with purchasing the right vehicles, or using big data to make meaningful business decisions, then this webinar is for you.

    Key learnings:

    • How does big data help you to decide the future of your fleet? – How can big data help you identify which vehicles you buy or which vehicles become electric?
    • Discussions with Mark Cartwright from the Safer Roads Team – Focus on how big data is used by Highways England to make the roads safer and introduce new protocols.
    • How big data can be used by your business to make your fleet safer. Using Gamification to allow comparisons of individuals within your fleet or industry average. When business returns to the “new normal”, how will you quickly identify those in your fleet who are the biggest risk? Old world risk vs new world risk.

    To rewatch the webinar now, click here.


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