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  • The TranSend Advantage: Unlock the full potential of your fleet

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    By Civica

    What could your organisation achieve if your admin time was halved? Your team could focus on more critical tasks, saving costs and redistributing resources.

    Organisations across the UK are doing just that by switching to TranSend Fleet Management. With TranSend’s single cloud ecosystem, they have slashed admin time by 50% whilst also improving compliance, increasing customer satisfaction, and revolutionising their operations.

    Improve Efficiency and Compliance

    TranSend is your key to enhanced operational efficiency. By automating processes and eliminating paperwork, TranSend allows you to redirect your focus and prioritise more important tasks. TranSend does more than just streamlining operations; it also optimises your compliance procedures, making it easier to keep your fleet in line with regulations, all within a single, user-friendly platform. Furthermore, a remote server removes strain on your internal IT resources and the need for costly servers.

    Asset Management Excellence

    The ever-evolving nature of fleet management demands a solution that adapts to your changing needs and maximises the value of your fleet assets. TranSend can support you in proactively managing your entire fleet of vehicles, trailers, and equipment. It empowers you to keep track of critical asset information, set alerts for upcoming services, and control maintenance costs.

    Data-Driven Decision-Making

    TranSend gives you the power to make smarter, more educated decisions. Real-time visibility through its intuitive dashboards provides critical insights into your fleet, helping you make informed choices. The cloud platform is accessible on any browser, allowing instant collaboration and data sharing with remote teams. TranSend empowers you to analyse data efficiently, lower costs, reduce fleet downtime and enhance overall organisational management.

    If you would like to learn more about how TranSend Fleet Management can support your organisation, please visit our website and get in touch.


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