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    By Stewart Signs

    With global pledges to cut emissions in place, we all need to start looking at what we as an industry can do to achieve our goals. Electric and hybrid vehicles are a great start, but there are other factors to consider when looking for ways to improve the sustainability of your fleet.

    Vinyl has given us a whole host of opportunities to create innovative and effective branding solutions. With environmental consciousness at an all-time high, maybe it’s worth considering an eco-friendlier option?

    Non-PVC vinyl is a more environmentally friendly alternative, which is helping our industry take positive steps towards a more sustainable future. You still get the durability and versatility of traditional material, but with a greener approach.

    What is non-PVC vinyl?

    Developed by our partners 3M, Envision™ Print Film is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC films. This non-PVC film is made in part with bio-based materials and uses 58% less solvent in the manufacturing process, making it the greener choice without sacrificing performance.

    What makes Envision different?

    3M Envision range films offer you a sustainability edge at an affordable price. Designed for use on vehicles, signage, walls, windows, floors and more, this film has unmatched versatility over other products on the market.

    How can choosing non-PVC vinyl benefit you?

    Not only is non-PVC film naturally versatile, extremely durable, and highly conformable, but it also aligns with sustainability initiatives. If your business is already taking steps towards a greener living, it’s worth considering how non-PVC film can help enhance your environmental plans.

    Why Stewart Signs

    At Stewart Signs, our journey in sustainability began 20 years ago. It’s a core principle within the company that determines our decisions. As a business, we’re actively looking for ways to improve our impact on the planet and ways to help our clients do the same.

    We provide tailored solutions to local and national business needs throughout the UK. What’s stopping you from taking the next step and choosing non-PVC film? Let us help you and your business make greener choices for a greener future.


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