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    By Trakm8

    Finding the most efficient route from A to B is an easy task. But multiply that by hundreds of destinations, vehicles and deliveries, and you have a big job on your hands. For fleet managers, the result is a time-intensive route plan leaving potential productivity, fuel and carbon efficiency gains by the wayside.

    Enter Trakm8. With Trakm8 Optimisation, you get the fastest, greenest, most productive route plan every time.

    Trakm8 Optimisation takes easy-to-input data and runs it through Trakm8’s state of the art algorithm, computing route after route to find the best possible combination. Simply upload your data, click run, and Trakm8 Optimisation does the rest. 

    Our partners can attest to how well the fleet management solution works for them. Supermarket chain Iceland uses Trakm8 Optimisation to drive fewer miles and make more deliveries – with Trakm8, they saved 10% on fuel costs all while increasing driver productivity by 30%.

    Trakm8 Optimisation doesn’t stop at the route planning stage; it also provides a cohesive experience for both driver and fleet manager, whether your fleet provides delivery and collection, customer visits or any other service. 

    Drivers can use the Trakm8 Optimisation app, providing them with a simple to navigate job list, route plan and electronic proof of delivery all in one place. While fleet managers can track jobs on the day in granular detail through the Trakm8 Optimisation web portal. As jobs progress, each stage, such as confirmation and signature by the customer, can be monitored in real time allowing intervention if necessary.

    The best part is that Trakm8 Optimisation can be completely customised by you, in partnership with Trakm8, to build a system that suits the needs of your business. Whatever services your fleet provides, Trakm8 Optimisation can be built around your requirements.

    In turn, Trakm8 will provide a cohesive installation and training service to make sure all parts of the business see and feel the benefits of Trakm8 Optimisation.

    With Trakm8 Optimisation, not only will you save time on manual fleet management tasks, you will become a greener and more productive business. 

    For more information on the full-range of Trakm8’s fleet management solutions, please visit  


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