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    Reflex Vehicle Hire are an industry-leading flexible rental company that have assisted many businesses with their Safety as Standard promise.

    Reflex deliver enhanced safety services for customers that provide unparalleled levels of insight and risk management in the sector. Alongside their first-class service levels, they have developed an award-winning modular safety solution which sits under the umbrella of Driive with Reflex.

    Driive with Reflex is a ground-breaking package that brings telematics data to life. Together with its suite of telematics, Reflex has developed a daily walkround driver smartphone app to support fleet managers and reduce risks to their drivers.

    The app can be used to provide access to important information, such as driver manuals, and offer invaluable guidance to employees if they encounter an incident on the road.

    Daily checklists play an important role in driver and vehicle safety. A thorough vehicle check should be an essential part of the regular routine for drivers before they take to the road.

    Doing so will reveal defects that can be quickly repaired. If vehicles were to set off without problems being identified, it could lead to on-road breakdowns or incidents, delaying journeys and leading to missed jobs, unhappy customers and increased maintenance costs.

    Lisa Spong, Sales Director of Reflex Vehicle Hire said, “We have seen transformative results as a direct impact of our telematics when customers implement the correct technology and the correct intervention strategies. Having the systems in place is the first part of helping the problem, knowing how to use them correctly and act upon the data is very important.”

    Employers have a duty of care by law to ensure the health and safety of their employees while at work. This includes ensuring drivers are not at any risk when performing work-related driving activities.

    Companies could be prosecuted if employees are harmed or involved in a fatality while driving for work and a short vehicle check could be the simple solution to eradicate any potential harm.

    With practise, vehicle checks can become second nature to drivers, which will help to identify defects before they become a more serious issue.

    Together with Reflex Vehicle Hire’s award-winning range of other safety-first services, employers can be reassured that they are doing everything possible to protect drivers from harm on the road, while also keeping operating costs to a minimum.

    For more details on our Safety as Standard products and services, visit our website


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