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  • Reduce downtime & increase transparency with better Fleet Maintenance Management

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    By BrightOrder

    Smart management knows that being proactive is always less costly than being reactive. But outside of standard Preventative Maintenance practices for fleets, what does this really entail in 2023 for the transport industry?

    For over 25 years, BrightOrder and its cloud-based maintenance software, EMDECS, has been continually improving how fleets handle maintenance management. And proactivity for BrightOrder means centralised information that provides true transparency and insight to your operations. This means digitisation of work orders and inventory management, live tracking of labour and parts, multi-location management and scalability for your specific needs.

    This is an ecosystem that includes everyone involved in the maintenance process to reduce communication silos. It includes 3rd party integrations with tools your operations wants or needs to connect with. EMDECS is also a DVSA Validated IT Systems Provider so driver and vehicle data is seamlessly communicated with governing bodies further reducing friction on your operations.

    So what’s stopping you from being more proactive, from building better operations? Reach out to us to set up a call or even a demo of our system.

    For more information on BrightOrder solutions check out our website, here.


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