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    By RAC

    RAC Advance combines market-leading technology with a level of service that provides complete peace of mind for the driver and fleet manager.

    The telematics unit includes patented crash detection technology, tested by the Transport Research Laboratory, giving a 92% accuracy result, eliminating false positives even at low speed.

    By monitoring both acceleration and vibration signatures at the point of an incident, RAC Advance is able to identify whether a crash has, or hasn’t, taken place with a 92% certainty.

    Our highly accurate crash detection certainty is market leading, especially when compared to the industry standard of 50%. It also means you’ll receive an accurate FNOL (first notification of loss) report of an incident within minutes, detailing the speed, location, impact and severity.

    The RAC is now making this an even more powerful fleet tool with the introduction of the integrated dashcam. Footage from the dashcam synced with the telematics unit provides a 100 per cent accurate report enabling speedy liability decisions.

    Benefits to fleets include:

    • Clear visibility of the incident
    • Speedy liability decisions 
    • Early intervention
    • Driver behaviour training 
    • Reduced costs due to efficient claim process

    Once you receive the FNOL report, you’ll be in complete control of the insurance claim, helping to speed up the claims process with the other insured party.

    You’ll also be able to provide support to your driver quickly, especially if they are on their own when the incident occurs, improving your duty of care responsibilities. 

    For businesses running a number of vehicles, RAC Advance will help you reduce business costs, boost driver safety, support the need to provide duty of care and improve customer service. All by installing a small box in your vehicles.

    For more information contact Tracey Speke:

    Mobile: 07773 035055

    Email: tspeke@rac.co.uk

    Or go to: https://www.rac.co.uk/business/telematics


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