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  • New & Improved – DriveTech Online Driver Risk Assessments & eLearning modules

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    By DriveTech

    New in 2020 and as part of its comprehensive portfolio of driver risk management and driver training products DriveTech, the leader in driver training and part of the AA, has refreshed and improved its online risk assessment and expanded the range of online e-learning modules significantly.

    This approach is ideal – even during social distancing and lockdown measures – as they can help to support your driving communities with easy digital access – still helping to keep drivers safe when they are on road.

    Online driver risk assessments are a cost-effective and accessible way to assess the risk of fleet drivers. It keeps driver downtime to a minimum but still acts as a highly practical tool to establish the nature and weight of risk that any driver is likely to be exposed to in their specific driving patterns and experience. The online assessment creates a ‘risk exposure’ profile for each driver which can be used to identify drivers who are likely to be at higher risk.

    A comprehensive range of e-learning modules are then available to drivers to help inform particular aspects of their driving that might be highlighted in the assessment as being relevant to driving better and safer.

    These digital systems are an effective tool that can be completed 24/7 with simple access to a desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphone. Call DriveTech on 01256 610907 or email us at .

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