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  • Mixing business with pleasure – a digital parking solution for grey fleets

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    By Adam Dolphin, UK Sales Director at PayByPhone

    Grey fleets – where employees use personal vehicles for business purposes – have become a popular transport solution. For organisations, it’s an attractive solution as they have less capital outlay and can pay lower taxes; and for the drivers, they take better care of the car as it’s their own. They also usually opt for more fuel-efficient vehicles, which can help the environment.

    One drawback of grey fleets is ensuring the drivers are adequately compensated. But when it comes to parking, that issue is moot, thanks to PayByPhone, the global leader in mobile parking payments.

    No more complicated expense reports

    With PayByPhone Business, a new fleet management solution from PayByPhone, a company’s parking comes under one easy-to-use, centralised system so fleet managers have visibility over all parking activity in a simple solution.

    PayByPhone Business means fleet managers don’t have to reconcile large numbers of parking expense reports each month – parking is paid via the app in 15 seconds. Drivers don’t have to keep receipts every time they park for work, either.

    A truly paperless solution

    For grey fleet drivers, paying for parking is doubly complicated as they have to constantly distinguish between parking for work, which can be claimed on expenses, and parking at other times. With PayByPhone Business, if a grey fleet driver has a PayByPhone personal account, they can simply switch between business and personal payment cards on the PayByPhone app when they park – it is simple as that.

    Simplified management

    PayByPhone Business provides companies with real-time visibility of who is parking where and in what vehicle via the Reporting Suite. The interactive dashboard shows when and where grey fleet drivers have parked. There is no limit to the number of drivers that can be added.

    To find out more and to sign up your fleet visit https://paybyphone.co.uk/business/paybyphone-business


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