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    When investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, it is important to get it right first time. Making the correct choices in terms of charge point capabilities and their support package will save you a lot of money in the long run.

    At Mer we take a true partnership approach, meaning that we work with you every step of the way, to ensure that your EV charging points properly support your transition to ultra-low emission vehicles:

    Site surveys

    Our experts carry out detailed site surveys to determine what infrastructure is best for you and how you can overcome any limitations on power availability.

    Charger specification

    We ensure you get the right chargers for you, whether that is fast chargers for overnight or top-up charging, or rapid chargers for faster turnarounds. You can even set tariffs for employees and visitors using your charge points.

    Grant support

    We can help you access subsidies towards the cost of your charging infrastructure, such as the Government’s Workplace Charging Scheme. After you’ve filled in a few basic details, we can do the rest for you.

    Aftersales service

    Get superb insights into your charging infrastructure through our Mer Connect platform, providing data on usage, plus alerts if there are any issues with your charge points. We also provide comprehensive technical support packages.

    Case Study: Milk & More

    Milk & More is the UK’s biggest online doorstep milk delivery firm. The company needed a charge point strategy to support the introduction of electric vans into its fleet. The company tasked Mer with helping them create a programme to roll out charging infrastructure for these new vans.

    Mer implemented a scoping exercise to fully understand the vans’ duty cycles and available down time for recharging – and carried out site surveys to assess local grid capacity. With most vehicles back at base from 8am to 11pm, Mer calculated that 7kW charging points would comfortably provide a full recharge for every vehicle, while still operating within each site’s power parameters.

    The entire network is connected to Mer’s operating system, which gives Milk & More real-time visibility on energy consumed and which charge points are in use. It also acts as an early warning system for fault detection.

    In total the Mer has installed over 200 charge points across five cities for Milk & More. Mer also helped its client access the Workplace Charging Scheme grant to subsidise costs.

    Mark Chapman, electric fleet support specialist at Milk & More, said: “They have been a partner of ours from the very beginning. The team had a clear understanding of the direction of our fleet strategy and provided us with invaluable information to get us started as we moved to our new fleet. From providing charging for our very first vehicles in 2018 through to supporting us with additional infrastructure as our fleet continues to grow, they have been an important part of our journey.”

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