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    By Lytx

    The innovative DriveCam® helps improve fleet safety by watching for risky driving behaviours on the road and in the vehicle.

    The device’s advanced machine vision (MV) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology analyses driver behaviour and nearby vehicles to determine how a driver is performing relative to their surroundings. Specific driver behaviours such as following too closely or texting while driving, trigger the DriveCam to flag and “trigger” the event.

    Lytx’s MV+AI technology helps fleets by providing an expanded view of risk. The insights from MV+AI can reveal if a driver needs to work on reducing a certain behaviour or if certain risky behaviours are appearing among all drivers. If this is the case, a business-wide initiative to improve safety may need to be implemented.

    Lytx’s MV+AI technology uses information from several sensors at once to identify risky situations and driving behaviours. Machine vision can see and recognise objects and behaviour by analysing images and video data. AI interprets and learns from those images and video data to determine the likelihood that a particular event or behaviour occurred. The combination of information from video and other sensors in and around the vehicle, called video telematics, provides information to help the artificial intelligence learn—similar to the way our brains rely on information from each or our senses to understand what is happening around us.

    Identifying and coaching risky behaviour is one of the most important steps in improving overall fleet safety. Lytx’s fleet management solutions use machine vision and artificial intelligence technology that helps uncover previously undetected risky driving behaviours so that fleet managers can coach their drivers to improve.

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