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    By Lytx

    Lytx® Video Platform, powered by the DriveCam® event recorder, provides drivers with visibility in and around the vehicle; up to 4 connected cameras provide 360-degree visibility. Eliminating blind spots with sensors and cameras greatly reduces the likelihood of accidents and helps drivers contribute to the goals set forth in the Vision Zero and DVS schemes. In many cases, drivers are not even aware they are distracted. Helping drivers become aware of their performance is an important way to help keep them engaged and attentive. 

    A successful safety programme requires cultural change and adoption across the entire company, making everyone a partner in safety – from executives to drivers. The Lytx Video Platform is just the start of a safety awareness campaign that drives improvements to safety throughout the fleet. In the event that something goes wrong, you can easily find the exact clips you need, providing a faster way to learn exactly what happened. Video evidence provides a direct route to the truth of what happened. This reduces claim investigation costs, helps you respond confidently and quickly to claims, and helps to avoid the risk of fraudulent claims. 

    Understanding safety and managing risk benefits from a complete view into vehicles, drivers, behaviours, and external factors. The Vision Zero plan relies on safe driving practices, appropriate speeds, safe vehicles, and information sharing when a collision occurs. Knowing what is going on in and around the vehicles is the key to operating safely. 

    Lytx provides you and your drivers real-time 360-degree visibility into the vehicle and its environment to help you predict and reduce risky driving incidents. You can see the whole picture. 

    Read more or contact Lytx to discuss implementing video telematics to improve the safety of your fleet and your DVS star rating.


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