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  • Lightfoot prepares to enter the EV market

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    By Lightfoot

    Lightfoot was born from developing and electrifying vehicles – from the McLaren P1, to Caterpillar diggers – Lightfoot understand EVs. 

    As EV adoption accelerates, Lightfoot is positioning itself to be a market-leading EV technology provider to Fleets thanks to the unique approach of live in-cab feedback optimising the effectiveness of EVs coupled with a rich feed of data enabling efficient management of your EV Fleet. 

    Early indicators suggest that Lightfoot could have an even greater impact in EVs than ICE vehicles, based on a number of factors such as increasing range and reducing time spent charging. As is the Lightfoot way, they are coming at this from a very different angle and the driver is, as always, at the heart of it all.

    Want to know more? Watch Lightfoot’s EV Teaser video and get in touch with their Fleet Specialists today – Click here.


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