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  • Keeping money in fleet drivers’ pockets, thanks to PayByPhone Business

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    With the holidays fast approaching, the cost-of-living crisis, high petrol and diesel prices and rising energy costs means households are counting every penny. Being out of pocket for work expenses and waiting months to be reimbursed is not a situation anyone wants to be in.

    For fleet operators, though, Christmas has come early, because there is a solution that not only keeps money in fleet drivers’ pockets, but also makes complex expense reconciliation a thing of the past. PayByPhone Business is the dedicated parking payment solution for fleets and on-the-go workforces from the global leader in mobile parking payments, PayByPhone. 

    With PayByPhone Business, a company’s parking payments come under one easy-to-use, centralised system. Admins get back more of their time because they aren’t reconciling hundreds of parking receipts each month, and they are confident that only authorised drivers in authorised vehicles are using the service. The comprehensive, interactive dashboard gives companies a real-time view of their fleets’ parking costs.

    Fleet drivers don’t need to save receipts or to worry about including parking details on expense reports. All they need is the PayByPhone app they may already have for personal use.

     Transactions are secure – companies simply securely add a corporate card to the account. Fleet drivers – whether they drive a company car or an authorised private vehicle – pay for business parking easily without the need to submit parking expenses or being out of pocket, even temporarily.  

    PayByPhone Business users can find the closest parking location to their jobs using the app’s Maps function. Once parked, they can opt in to receive a reminder five minutes before their parking session runs out. They can add additional time within the app or from a smartwatch without the need to return to their vehicle. It’s convenient for drivers, and for fleet operators, and it’s reassurance they won’t get avoidable PCNs.

    During these challenging times, PayByPhone Business supports fleet drivers as they battle the cost-of-living crisis. Ensuring they aren’t out of pocket, especially as the holidays approach, may just be a Christmas miracle. 

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