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  • INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Reduce the risk of costly PCNs with PayByPhone’s fleet management solution

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    Companies have little room to absorb unexpected charges such as Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued to their fleet drivers as they grapple with rising energy prices and running costs. PayByPhone Business, the dedicated parking solution for fleets and on-the-go workforces from the global leader in mobile parking payments provider PayByPhone, provides reprieve.

    Without a fleet management solution, companies rely on their fleet drivers to pay for parking and claim it back on expenses. With drivers feeling the pinch of rising prices, they might be tempted to risk not paying for a parking session or not to extend it if appointments overrun to keep more money in their pockets.

    This leaves employers open to a sharp increase of PCNs at a time when they, too, can ill-afford expensive, time-consuming fines.

    With PayByPhone Business, fleet managers make it easy for their drivers to pay for business parking and to avoid personal spending – and PCNs. Fleet managers simply securely add a corporate card to their PayByPhone Business account. Each authorised driver in an authorised vehicle then has the option to pay using the corporate card when starting a business parking session. All they need is the PayByPhone app they may already have for personal use and 10 seconds of their time to start a parking session. Drivers don’t need to worry about parking expenses and have no excuse to risk non-payment.

    With PayByPhone Business’ Extend From Anywhere function, fleet drivers further reduce the chance of a PCN by extending their parking session remotely. They receive an SMS reminder five minutes before their parking session runs out and they don’t need to leave their appointment to top it up. They can extend their session from the app or via a smartwatch, giving them, and fleet managers peace of mind that they won’t receive a fine for still being parked after a session has ended.

    PayByPhone Business reduces costly PCNs at a time when every penny counts by making paying for business parking quick, easy and cost-free for fleet drivers.

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