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  • IN FOCUS: Teletrac Navman’s EV Readiness Tool 

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    By Barney Goffer (pictured), UK Product Manager at Teletrac Navman UK

    With the government bringing the ban on selling new petrol and diesel vehicles forward to 2030 and most major UK cities booming with clean air zones or about to launch one, operators need to have a clear understanding on where their fleet stands, and what exactly can be done to maintain an efficient and compliant operation.

    From talking to our customer base, we can see a few fleets have ambitious plans to switch everything to electric, while others are waiting and focusing on immediate issues such as supply chain issues and economic challenges. Making greener choices doesn’t need to be this huge overnight change as that can be unrealistic for many fleets. This is more about being empowered with the right data to make the most informed decision for your fleet and your business. After all, you don’t know what you don’t know.

    Fleet operators need to be able to make the switch in the most informed and sustainable way, and that’s where technology has a big role to play. Teletrac Navman’s EV readiness tool gives fleet operators all the information they need to be able to look at the full picture and make an informed choice – to begin transitioning now, or to plan for it in the future.

    By using smart algorithms to assess trip data, the tool provides fleet operators with insight into the feasibility of switching to EV, amongst other elements including suitable vehicles in-market, total cost of ownership, fuel savings and environmental impact. It examines whether a fleet is viable for switching and rather than providing a blanket yes or no, the customisable platform can offer a forensic analysis of vehicle use-data to provide a phased approach to transitioning to an EV fleet.

    As well as having a huge positive impact on emissions and a company’s eco commitments, switching to EV can also save companies time and money if done correctly.

    Visit Teletrac Navman’s website for more information.


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