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  • How to transition to electric fleet vehicles using Fleet Management Software

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    By Barney Goffer, UK Product Manager at Teletrac Navman UK

    The recent expansion of London’s ULEZ zone, meaning non-compliant cars or vans will face £12.50 daily charge to drive into the zone, has sparked debate across fleets in the UK.

    According to recent research, rising operations costs are one of the biggest worries for fleets, and while many are considering changing to alternative fuels, the majority are not ready to make the switch – or simply don’t know where to begin.

    Whether they’re being welcomed with open arms or they might take some getting used to, clean air zones are going to be a part of major UK cities, so the sooner fleet managers get educated on their current fleet status and how best to transition, the better and more prepared they’ll be to make the switch in a sustainable and stress-free way.

    Although this process may seem daunting at first, electric vehicle management software can simplify the transition process in many different ways. Additionally, this software provides you with a holistic view of a fleet’s transition to electric vehicles by providing actionable data and detailed insights into operational costs and next steps.

    To ensure a successful transition to electric vehicles, businesses should take a data-driven approach. The good news is that the information sits within telematics platforms and with the right vehicle type segmentation and an understanding of the key data points to focus on, fleet operators can build a data driven transition plan pretty easily.

    Key considerations to be taken into account include fleet vehicle type, separated by weight and size, as well as various data points collected by telematics software – including but not limited to duty cycles, dwell time and trip locations. Once all of the above has been collated and reviewed, practical implications such as cost of ownership, fuel consumption and charging infrastructure come into play, along with government schemes and incentives and driver training to onboard teams onto the new fleet.

    While it sounds like a lot, the EV Readiness Tool has been developed by Teletrac Navman, to simplify the process and automate the planning of an electric fleet transition. By using current fleet information to analyse all the key factors, the tool uses artificial intelligence to generate an actionable list of recommendations, suggesting where changes to the fleet will have the greatest impact on business. The software also supports hybrid fleet models, allowing for greater scalability as traditional ICE vehicles are replaced with new EVs.

    If you’re ready to learn more about how the EV Readiness Tool can help your fleet transition to an electric vehicle fleet, contact our team today who are ready to talk you through how it all works.


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