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  • GUEST BLOG: Maximising uptime through a data driven approach to rental

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    David Brennan (pictured, above), CEO of Nexus Vehicle Rental, discusses the benefits of maximising uptime through a data driven approach to rental…

    As consumption habits continue to shift from ownership to usership, vehicle rental has become an integral part of businesses’ mobility plans across a wide variety of industries including logistics, construction, retail and even specialist sectors, such as waste management. 

    As uncertain economic conditions continue, businesses are less inclined to invest in depreciating assets, instead diversifying their fleets through rental, lowering fixed costs whilst flexing their fleet with the demands of the season. 

    Flexible rental enables businesses to adapt their fleet size depending on demand at any given time. Its customers are not tied into long-term contracts and can benefit from more competitive, fixed rates compared to short, medium- or long-term hire. 

    Driven by tech

    Cementing itself at the forefront of innovation since launching 20 years ago, Nexus has successfully carved its market niche by applying technology to meet ever-changing industry trends and customer demands.

    Nexus is transforming the vehicle rental industry just as Uber disrupted taxi services – providing on-demand access to the largest mobility supply chain through its pioneering online rental management platform, IRIS. 

    The technology (IRIS) connects businesses to more than 550,000 vehicles across 2,000 locations, including EVs, specialist and commercial vehicles, HGVs and one day, autonomous vehicles. 

    IRIS minimises booking errors, enabling customers to self-serve, putting them in control of the entire rental process. Automation means that 90% of bookings involve no human interaction and allows new bookings to be made in just 30 seconds, enabling full visibility of the whole rental management process.

    Nexus’ Management Information (MI) suite automatically analyses customer data to identify cost-effective options for clients, saving them up to 20% on rental spend, minimising inefficiencies in the rental process. 

    As part of the latest update, Nexus launched IRIS V5 with a dedicated electric vehicle (EV) online rental portal for business use. This enables customers to meet the rising demand for alternative, cleaner mobility solutions while avoiding large upfront expenditure – a first for the corporate rental market. 

    This all-encompassing mobility solution means that customers can always meet the demands of the job, with access to the right vehicles at the touch of a button, or tap of a smartphone, and without long-term financial commitments, keeping businesses moving.


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