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    It goes without saying that one of the biggest assets for a company is its fleet, keeping your business on the move day-in day-out.

    But while you trust your colleagues to adhere to all the rules and regulations governing commercial vehicles, how can you measure and improve driver behaviour?

    At RAC this is something we researched comprehensively with the Transport Research Laboratory before launching our RAC Advanced Telematics box.

    Our driving behaviour scores are based on real risk measures including braking levels, acceleration rates, speeding, night time driving and urban environment driving.

    The algorithms we’ve developed for the RAC Advance system have been trusted and endorsed by six of the top insurers who utilise our RAC Black Box insurance for certain high risk groups such as young drivers.

    The RAC methodology has excellent correlation between scoring and behaviour and immediately shows where driving style can be improved.

    For us it’s key that the data being gathered by the device in-car, can be quickly and clearly presented to the user, in order to provide real insight and value to the fleet managers. So drivers are able to monitor and benchmark their scores on an easy-to-use driver app and absorb hints and tips to better improve their driving score.

    At the same time fleet managers are able to track these scores within the Management Information System accessible on a 24/7/365 portal to assist them to intervene with bad driving behaviours or reward good driving behaviours.

    Research into the benefits of utilising telematics to impact driver behaviour suggests:

    • 43% Decrease in accidents
    • 55% Less fuel usage
    • 31% Reduction in maintenance spend
    • 49% Reduction in speeding incidents

    Interested to hear more? Get in touch for a system demonstration and to find out about our six months free offer.

    For more information, contact Tracey Speke.

    T: 07773 035055



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