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  • Find out how much you could lower your fleet’s fuel consumption today

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    Lightfoot’s fuel and emissions calculator will show you how much your fleet could be saving simply by training your drivers on the go and helping them to drive more efficiently in real-time.

    The green tech company’s game-changing in-cab driver coaching technology helps create cleaner, greener fleets by steering drivers towards a smoother driving style through real-time feedback. By correcting harsh driving behaviours in the moment, Lightfoot can make a tangible difference to fleet performance without the need for any awkward conversations, time-heavy data analysis, or long-winded training courses.

    The result is a 15% average saving on fuel expenses across the fleet, which can make a significant difference to a business’s bottom line. More importantly however, by training drivers to handle their vehicles in a more efficient, eco-conscious manner, Lightfoot helps fleets reduce their CO2 emissions by as much as 15%. This goes a considerable way in helping businesses move towards their decarbonisation goals and reduce the carbon footprint of their fleet.

    See the difference it could make to your fleet by trying out the calculator for yourself here.


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