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    By Lytx

    Fleet managers know that even the most experienced and safest drivers may be subject to a periodic slip-up. When that happens, it’s important to help those behind the wheel get back on track as quickly as possible. Unlike traditional telematics which only tells you the what, Lytx® uses powerful technologies such as machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) in order to tell the why and provide drivers with a little extra assistance.

    More and more, fleet managers are empowering their drivers with the tools to make good decisions that help them stay safe on the road. This means sharing ‘big picture’ insights about behavioural trends to watch out for, but also deploying in-the-moment vehicle alerts that allow drivers to self-correct in the case of a momentary slip-up.   

    As well as reacting in the moment, it’s important that drivers have the opportunity to review their overall driving style. This includes spotting any risky behaviours that may be sneaking in over time. 

    By placing driver safety and empowerment at the heart of their programmes, fleet managers are focusing on their most important assets. A driver who self-corrects risky behaviours is in the best possible position to help keep the fleet on track, protecting themselves and the company brand along the way.  

    Read more or contact Lytx to discuss how Lytx can help you empower your drivers.


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