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    eDriving, a registered supplier for November’s Fleet Services Management Summit, has been named one of the Top Ten Risk Management Solution Providers of 2019 by Insurance CIO Outlook magazine. 

    The prestigious list comprises organisations that provide risk management technologies and solutions to help insurance providers mitigate risk. 

    eDriving’s inclusion in the list is thanks to its ability to help insurance providers not just measure and price their risk (UBI) but take it to the next level, and help them and their clients reduce risk via Risk Managed Insurance (RMI). 

    “We’ve spent more than 20 years refining our patented approach with some of the world’s largest fleets and insurance partners. This approach allows us to transform these complex data sets into actionable information for both insurance providers and their customers,” said Ed Dubens, CEO/ Founder of eDriving. “Using a combination of leading indicators obtained from telematics as well as traditional data sources such as licence checks, and collision data, we create a holistic view of driver risk.”

    eDriving’s RMI offering uses sophisticated techniques to identify the scope of the risk and deploys state-of-the-art risk mitigation tools to reduce collisions, incidents, injuries and near misses, an approach that can dramatically improve the performance at both customer and portfolio levels. 

    The eDriving RMI multi-faceted Loss Control programme is comprised of the following:

    • Customer loss analysis using Munich Re’s LossDetect® tool
    • Customer risk assessment using eDriving’s online scored assessment
    • Recommendation deployment and monitoring based on LossDetect® and risk assessment results
    • Complete reporting to Underwriters of LossDetect® and risk assessment results
    • Mentor by eDrivingSM– A comprehensive driver risk management programme that helps organisations to reduce collisions, injuries, and licence endorsements, resulting in bottom line improvements for customers and insurers, alike. The programme includes eDriving’s patented five-stage, closed-loop approach to driver risk management and adds Mentor’s smartphone technology that captures individual driver risk behaviour, a FICO® Safe Driving Score validated to predict likelihood of crashes/incidents, gamification, and in-app micro-training to reduce driver risk levels. Learn more about Mentor here.

    As well as making the Top Ten Risk Management Solution Provider list, eDriving is featured as Insurance CIO Outlook’s cover story.

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