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  • Ease the financial burden on drivers with PayByPhone’s fleet management solution

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    The cost-of-living crisis is putting pressure on businesses as fleet managers look to ease the financial burden on their drivers who fork out parking fees and must wait for reimbursement. PayByPhone Business, the dedicated parking solution for fleets and on-the-go workforces from the global leader mobile parking payments PayByPhone, is the answer.

    UK inflation has hit double-digits and UK workers are feeling the pinch. This is hitting fleet drivers in their pockets – they pay for parking before claiming it back on expenses. The outlay can build up, putting a strain on disposable income when every penny counts.

    With PayByPhone Business, fleet managers help their drivers through this economic crisis by keeping more money in their drivers’ wallets. An added benefit is the drivers don’t need to save receipts or worry about including lengthy parking details on expense reports. They keep their money in their pocket when paying for parking, avoiding personal spending for business parking altogether.

    Fleet managers simply securely add a corporate card to the account. Each authorised fleet driver, in an authorised vehicle, has the option to pay using the corporate card when starting a business parking session. All they need is the PayByPhone app they may already have for personal use.

    With businesses not immune to rising costs either, prudent fleet managers will want to prevent unauthorised parking charges. PayByPhone Business comes with security built-in as corporate card details are protected against interception or misuse. For added convenience, PayByPhone Business brings a company’s parking under one easy-to-use, centralised system so one or more admins have visibility over all parking activity in a simple solution – one app and one interactive dashboard.

    Fleet drivers must never be in a position where they can’t afford to work because they are waiting to be reimbursed. By removing the financial burden of paying for business parking out of their own pockets, PayByPhone Business supports fleet drivers through these challenging times.

    For more information on how PayByPhone Business can help your fleet drivers, please visit https://park.paybyphone.co.uk/business/.


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