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  • DriveTech adds to training portfolio with new “Driving Stress” workshop

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    The stress of everyday life, both work and personal, can often contribute to feeling tense on the road too.

    Plenty of time is spent analysing fuel efficiencies and maintenance of vehicles but we often forget the most important element, the driver.

    Driving stress is doing much more harm than you think. Commuting by car while stressed can increase the risk of being involved in an accident.

    But it gets worse – driving itself can further contribute to stress, causing a detrimental effect on personal health, as well as lowering job and life satisfaction.

    Most of us can relate to the feeling of being stuck in traffic and the inability to do anything – even after the traffic light in front of you changes to green. This scenario can hugely elevate stress levels.

    2-Hour Driving Stress Workshop by DriveTech

    The newest addition to DriveTech’s fleet risk management and driver training portfolio of courses is designed to help overcome stressful driving situations by encouraging problem solving, planning and positive reframing of stressors.

    DriveTech, part of the AA, is a leading provider of fleet and driver risk management services and offers a range from licence checking to fleet risk health checks to online and on road assessments and training – all helped to support the business to provide a duty of care, conform to Health & Safety legislation, and keep their drivers safe whilst reducing costs.

    It is appreciated that personnel responsible for fleet and the driving community itself have busy schedules. This workshop to last just 2 hours – hopefully not adding to much additional burden and stress onto the participants!

    With a recommended 20 people per session, fleet operators could potentially arrange for 60 company drivers to attend this course in one day.

    As part of the course deliverables, at the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    – describe why driving can be stressful

    – identify the main elements that can cause stress in driving

    – understand how stress can have a negative effect on their abilities to drive safely

    – list common issues which can make them feel stressed

    – describe some physical symptoms of stress

    – recognise how driving stress can escalate into potential conflict with over road users

    – acknowledge the fact everyone will experience stress at times

    – explain how sometimes driving stress can be good

    – list how to avoid stress on the road both from their perspective and that of other road users

    Find out more on the DriveTech website – here:

    or call 01256 610907 or email


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