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    Road accidents are the leading work-related fatality and a crucial issue for businesses that manage a fleet. At Masternaut, a Michelin Group company we have conducted a study based on over four million driving hours to identify and help you avoid the most common dangers behind the wheel.

    Take a look at some of our key findings in the Dangerous driving: the biggest risk factors whitepaper or get in touch for more information on how you can manage the safety of your fleet.

    The data collected:

    • > 50 000 vehicles observed
    • 4M hours of driving analysed
    • 192,5M km travelled
    • 15 variables studied
    • > 9M datapoints collected

    Download the whitepaper

    At Masternaut, a Michelin Group company, our purpose is to provide sustainable mobility through connected vehicle technology. As one of Europe’s largest fleet management service providers, with leading positions in the UK and France, we provide connected solutions for fleet tracking and optimisation, jobs management, driver safety and behaviour improvement, and CO2 emission reduction.

    We believe every business is sitting on unrealised potential. Hidden in your data are insights that have the power to transform your fleet – and possibly even your business. We specialise in revealing these transformative insights so you can turn them to your advantage, helping you save money, boost your productivity, improve safety and security, delight your customers and ensure the sustainability of your business. 


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