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  • 4 of the key challenges facing fleet electrification

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    With less than a decade to go until sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles are banned throughout the UK, now is a critical time for fleet operators working towards their net zero goals to look ahead to their electric future.

    However, preparing to transition a fleet to EVs comes with plenty of stumbling blocks, and many businesses are currently unsure of their readiness to make the switch. The challenges are multi-layered, with all areas of fleet operations impacted by the adoption of electric vehicles, from finance and procurement to maintenance and productivity.

    There is also the issue of misinformation, with many myths and knowledge gaps surrounding the topic of fleet electrification. Lightfoot set out to discover how complex an issue the transition to EVs is for the fleet industry, surveying fleet operators from a range of fields to identify the key challenges facing UK fleets today.

    To discover the biggest concerns, read the full story at Lightfoot.co.uk


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