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Lightfoot’s Elite Driver Championship reveals first winner

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Lightfoot has announced the first four-figure winner of its new driver engagement initiative, the Elite Driver Championship.

Providing prize draws ranging from £1,000 to £7,000, the new, big cash prize pot joins the suite of rewards that Lightfoot Elite drivers can win through the Lightfoot driver app, including its weekly Drivers’ Lottery, where individuals can win up to £200.

The difference with the Elite Driver Championship is that to be eligible for the big-ticket cash prizes, drivers must maintain an average score at or above 85% – Lightfoot’s Elite Driver Standard – for the duration of the prize draw.

That’s exactly what Tom Curtis of DeterTech in Telford achieved, bagging himself £4,000 in the very first draw.

Launched in April, the Elite Driver Championship gives drivers who consistently achieve the Lightfoot Elite Driver standard the chance to win £1,000 every single month, as well as the opportunity to enter the mid-year bonus bonanza, where three drivers will win between £500 – £2,000.

At the end of year, drivers who have maintained the Elite Driver Standard from April through to December will be eligible for the Championship Christmas cash pot of £7,000. Three drivers will also win between £500 – £2,000.

Paul Hollick, Managing Director of Lightfoot, said: “Adopting a driver-focused rewards-based approach has been a game changer for fleets using our ‘beyond telematics’ tech. Now, thanks to Allianz’s sponsorship, we have serious sums of money on offer that can be won in the Elite Driver Championship. We believe this will lift driver engagement to all-time highs, week-in and week-out, helping to streamline the process of fleet management.

“That’s important because drivers who actively engage with Lightfoot through the app perform at least 10% better drivers than those that don’t, which means that fleet managers only need to focus on the few drivers that consistently fail to hit KPIs. In terms of fuel savings, emissions reductions, driver safety, and lower accident levels that’s huge, bringing immediate and lasting benefits to fleets, their drivers, and the environment.”

Lightfoot’s in-cab device engages with drivers in real-time, delivering ‘in-the-moment’ nudges that modify driving styles for the better, aided by audible end-of-journey scores. This guides drivers towards their weekly goal of achieving Elite Driver status, which unlocks access to weekly prizes, The Drivers’ Lottery, and the Elite Driver Championship.

Lightfoot’s ‘beyond telematics’ approach has helped fleets achieve engagement of 90%+, realising average fuel and emissions savings of up to 15%, EV range extension of up to 15%, as well as reductions in at-fault accidents by up to 40%, wear and tear costs by 45%, and vehicle idling by 24%.

Since the launch of the Drivers’ Lottery in 2019, Lightfoot has given away over 111,000 prizes, with a total value just shy of £370,000, and has helped cut CO2 emissions in fleets by over 200,000 tonnes, reducing fuel use by almost 90m litres.

Lightfoot harnesses AI for Vision safety camera system

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Lightfoot has launched a suite of in-cab camera solutions that deliver an all-in-one driver safety package, enhancing the positive impact of driver engagement through its market-leading telematics technology.

Designed to build on Lightfoot’s driver-first approach, which encourages fleet vehicle users to adopt smoother, safer, and less polluting styles of driving through in-cab coaching and rewards, Lightfoot Vision helps protect drivers in the moment by actively detecting distracted driving.

Utilising AI and machine vision, the intelligent video telematics system alerts drivers to behaviours that could lead to an accident – such as failure to wear a seatbelt, use of a mobile phone, eating and drinking while driving, or smoking/vaping on the go – allowing them to self-correct to prevent possible incidents. This not only keeps drivers safe, but also helps fleets avoid the unexpected expenses of vehicle repairs and the associated downtime.

Ranging from basic road-facing cameras to advanced driver-facing dash cams, Lightfoot Vision can also be used to capture instances of harsh driving and cornering, speeding, idling, and events where drivers receive a Lightfoot penalty, with footage available to view through the Lightfoot portal.

Lightfoot says Vision will not only help fleets save lives and money, but time too. The system uses AI to review footage and alert fleet managers to events that require further investigation. Scanning through thousands of hours of footage in seconds, this advanced technology removes the need for fleet managers to take a look at every driving event recorded by the cameras – many of which are often false positives – leaving them free to focus on the real issues and ensure that genuine incidents are dealt with swiftly.

In situations where an incident has occurred, Lightfoot Vision provides undeniable video evidence, building a picture of events leading up to and during a collision. This helps to not only support and protect drivers out on the road, but also to resolve legitimate disputes quickly, reducing the number of disputed claims experienced by fleets and preventing insurance fraud, while minimising expensive third-party liability investigations which can lead to hikes in premiums.

Paul Hollick, Managing Director of Lightfoot, said: “This is something that we’ve been working on for a while, as our customers have been calling for dashcams to become a central part of the Lightfoot fleet management system. The introduction of Lightfoot Vision’s in-cab camera suite takes our ability to positively influence driver behaviour for the better to an entirely new level. It enables fleets to operate in a safe, efficient, and socially responsible way, where driver self-management, aided by nudge technology through our in-cab telematics devices, instantly and sustainably improves driving behaviour – removing the need for costly training and time-consuming data analysis at the same time as improving customer service.

“By incentivising drivers and utilising cutting-edge technology that supports and protects them, we are creating a package of prevention that minimises the potential for at-fault accidents, while giving undisputable evidence to fleet managers to counter insurance fraud. That’s vital as today’s near miss could be tomorrow’s serious and costly incident. By understanding where fleet risk exists, and giving drivers the tools to reduce that, we can minimise the impact of poor, distracted, or inefficient driving, saving time, money, and lives. In addition, fleets using the Lightfoot system should also see a further improvement in MPG – or an extension of range in EVs – so we’re ensuring all bases are covered for optimum performance.”

Green fleet technology prevents almost 30,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions

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Fleets using Lightfoot’s driver coaching technology have stopped 29,985 tonnes of carbon emissions from being released into the atmosphere throughout 2022.

Designed to help fleets make safer and smoother driving the norm across all vehicles, Lightfoot’s game-changing fleet management system consists of an in-cab driver feedback device, a dedicated rewards app, and a full telematics suite.

By providing driving feedback in real-time through audio and visual nudges, Lightfoot trains drivers to handle their vehicles in a more environmentally-conscious way, helping to limit fuel consumption, improve road safety, and of course, reduce the amount of emissions that are created on every journey.

Deployed in fleets across the UK – including Tesco, Asda, South West Water, Integral, and Equans – Lightfoot helps businesses cut down on CO2 by as much as 15%. Over the last 12 months, this has amounted to 29,985,000kg of carbon dioxide – equivalent to planting a forest of 1,427,857 trees or removing 1,249 passenger vehicles from the roads.

To find out more about how Lightfoot is creating cleaner, greener fleets, click here.

Breedon fleet cuts emissions and idling time with driver rewards tech

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Leading construction materials group Breedon has succeeded in introducing significant improvements to its fleet of delivery vehicles with the help of Lightfoot’s pioneering real-time in-cab driver coaching technology.

Instances of aggressive and inefficient driving have been dramatically reduced, resulting in a 12.2% fall in fuel costs, a 10.9% drop in carbon emissions, and a 24% reduction in pollution caused by vehicle idling. Over the next 5 years, Breedon is on target to reduce fleet CO2 emissions by 1,651 tonnes – the equivalent of removing 359 passenger vehicles from the road.

Lightfoot’s fleet management system works by providing drivers with visual and verbal feedback as they travel, helping them to correct their driving in the moment and adopt a safer, smoother style. Better driving is incentivised through the Lightfoot Driver App, which rewards drivers who reach the performance target with weekly giveaways, exclusive discounts, and top spots on the leaderboard.

Installed across Breedon’s 380-strong fleet, Lightfoot has been key to improving driver safety. Within a month of being fitted, aggressive driving had decreased by 80%, with harsh acceleration falling by 63%, severe braking by 28%, and cornering at speed by 19%.

Learn more about Breedon’s achievements with Lightfoot here.

Green fleet tech provider scoops Sustainability Award at Highways UK Excellence Awards 2022

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Lightfoot has been recognised for their pioneering driver training and rewards technology at this year’s Highways UK Excellence Awards, with the fleet innovation specialists winning the Sustainability Award.

Part of the UK’s premier highways and transport show, the newly revitalised Highways UK awards ceremony took place on Wednesday 2nd November at the NEC in Birmingham. With a focus on collaboration, sustainability, and innovation within the highways sector, the awards sought to celebrate individuals and organisations who are leading the way in improving Britain’s roads.

With a mission to decarbonise the transport industry and help make the UK’s roads cleaner and greener through their work with fleets, Lightfoot is a company with sustainability at their core. Their innovative technology helps businesses cut down on carbon emissions, improve fuel economy, and boost driver safety through real-time, in-cab driver coaching alongside a rewards app where drivers can win prizes and cash giveaways for their improved performance behind the wheel.

The smoother driving style introduced to fleets through Lightfoot also leads to a decrease in harmful pollutants such as NOx (oxides of nitrogen) and NEE (non-exhaust emissions).

Learn more about Lightfoot’s work to decarbonise Britain’s roads here.

Lightfoot wins silver at the Global Good Awards 2022

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Pioneering driver rewards technology company Lightfoot was awarded Joint Silver in the Best Product of the Year category at last month’s Global Good Awards ceremony.

The internationally renowned Global Good Awards celebrate businesses of all sizes for their responsible and sustainable practices, and attract applicants from across the world. This year saw the awards receive their highest number of entrants to date, making the categories even more competitive.

Lightfoot was one of five organisations to reach the finals for the Best Product of the Year category which recognises innovative products serving a sustainable, social, or environmental purpose.

No one company was awarded the Gold award for this category during October’s glittering award ceremony, which was hosted in BMA House in London’s Tavistock Square. Instead, Lightfoot and Sherwin Williams – a paint and coating manufacturer – were jointly tied for silver.

Lightfoot was recognised for its advanced driver coaching technology, which provides fleet drivers with real-time, in-cab feedback alongside incentivisation and rewards via the dedicated app. As drivers adopt a safer, smoother driving style, harmful emissions including CO2 and NOx are significantly reduced, helping businesses to develop cleaner, greener fleets through positive reinforcement that empowers their workforce.

Find out more about Lightfoot’s award-winning technology here.

Lightfoot launches new website showcasing fleet management solutions

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Devon-based green tech company Lightfoot have recently launched a brand new website, with a focus on their offerings for both ICE fleets and electric fleets.

Lightfoot’s revolutionary fleet management solution consists of an in-cab driver coaching device that provides real-time feedback to those behind the wheel, alongside a driver rewards app and a comprehensive telematics suite.

The new website offers a greater overview of the all-in-one fleet management platform and highlights the different features available to petrol, diesel, EV, and mixed fleets. For example, in electric vehicles, Lightfoot can be used to manage driver home charge reimbursements, prevent energy fraud, and improve charging behaviour.

You can view the new website and find out more about what Lightfoot has to offer at:

Mina partners with Lightfoot to launch industry-leading solution to EV charging fraud

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Mina, the award-winning payment solution provider for EV charging at home and in public, and Lightfoot, the pioneering driver coaching and rewards technology specialists, have joined forces to launch a market-leading solution that will help stamp out EV charging fraud within electric fleets.

With a rising number of fleets transitioning to electric vehicles, energy fraud is a growing concern within the industry, especially where domestic charging is involved.

EV payment experts Mina already offer a comprehensive system for accurately paying drivers’ charging costs directly to their energy suppliers, but now through this new partnership with Lightfoot, fleet operators can rest assured that all charging sessions for business journeys have been automatically validated, ensuring that only commercial charges are reimbursed.

Find out more here:

Book your place now: Lightfoot’s latest free webinar for fleet professionals

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Pioneering driver training technology provider Lightfoot is back with another in its series of webinars for fleet professionals, with the next instalment focusing on the challenges that fleets face when it comes to EV charging. You can sign up for this free webinar here.

Live With Lightfoot: Charging Challenges will take place on Tuesday 18th October at 10:30am and will feature an expert panel discussing the ins and outs of fleet electrification, with a focus on the common challenges of EV charge management – and how to overcome them.

Paul Hollick, Lightfoot’s Managing Director, will be joined by Client Services Director Ben Bax, along with Paul Ayris, Fleet Manager of LiveWest and Malcolm Oliver-White, Group Head of Asset Management at Peel Ports. Both Paul and Malcolm will be sharing their insights into the realities of operating an EV fleet and looking at what to do to make the rollout of EVs as seamless as possible.

Attendees will also hear from Ashley Tate, CEO of Mina – the award-winning home charging solution for businesses. Ashley will be joining the panel to discuss optimal charging behaviour, as well as how to effectively manage driver expenses through Lightfoot’s dedicated EV fleet management system.

If you’d like to register for this free event, you can do so here.

Driver rewards tech provider Lightfoot to attend Fleet & Mobility Live 2022

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Lightfoot, the innovative British green-tech company and provider of the UK’s leading in-cab driver coaching and rewards platform, will be exhibiting at this year’s Fleet & Mobility Live show at the NEC Birmingham.

Taking place from 11th-12th October, Fleet & Mobility Live is the country’s foremost annual event for the fleet and transport community, delivering strategic insights into a range of key topics affecting the industry – from the electric future of vehicles to compliance, risk, and all the latest technology innovations.

You’ll find the Lightfoot team on Stand E52, ready and waiting to answer your questions on everything from fleet decarbonisation to fuel savings and road safety, and to demonstrate Lightfoot’s cutting-edge fleet management technology.

Get in touch with the Lightfoot team to book your slot now