Speakers - Fleet Summit


June 2024

Martin Edgecox – National Highways

“The Road to Zero”

The National Highways Journey

  • Government targets and how we achieve them.
  • Overcoming challenges – Vehicle supply and conversion.
  • Electrifying an Operational Fleet.
  • Charging infrastructure – immediate and future needs.
  • Next steps.

Andrzej Bania, Director – Which EV

“Software Defined Vehicles”

Affordable electric cars are here to stay.

  • Overview of the market – focusing on adoption rates
  • Costs are finally coming under control
  • Fleet sourcing
  • Decarbonisation across the board

Michael Ayres, Managing Director – Flexible Power Systems

“Understanding your Commercial Vehicle EV Ecosystem”

Efficient electrification of commercial vehicle operations requires integration of a range of on and off-vehicle software and hardware systems. The presentation will identify some key systems to consider and also how they can interact with your EV roll out using examples from fleets working with FPS.

  • Vehicle and charger choices are key parts of a successful EV roll out, how you choose them matters.
  • Using the rich data your commercial vehicle fleets generate can allow you to make better decisions by understanding issues like equipment specification, cost and site power impacts.
  • Your vehicles are part of a system of operational processes, software systems and physical locations that allow you to provide goods or services to end users.
  • Considering this system of sites and processes is key to getting EV solutions that are fit for purpose and integrating rather than replicating.
  • Your final EV solution has to mesh with these processes if you want it to be as efficient as your current operation.

Emma Loveday, Senior Fleet Consultant – Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet

“Ensuring fleet – and grey fleet – driver safety and wellbeing”

Emma will discuss the what, why and how of fleet risk management – exploring how business and grey fleets can ensure best practice and legal compliance, as well as achieve cost savings.

  • Covering both business and grey fleets
  • Sharing insights on how technology can support driver safety
  • Discussing the importance of driver mental health and wellbeing on overall fleet safety.

November 2024

Theo Panayi, Technical Director – Arcadis

“Developing an asset management plan for your EV charging infrastructure”

Many companies will not think about the fact that their EV charging infrastructure will have a limited life (10 – 15 years) so there needs to be a plan in place to consider how this asset is managed and maintained rather than looking at chargers as an ‘install and forget’ type assets.

  • Cost of asset investment (Capital and Operational expenditure)
  • Funding options and delivery models – ‘buy or lease’?
  • Maintaining, increasing or reducing your charging infrastructure – who knows the future?
  • How software and data can help inform business dec

David Watts, Fleet Product Manager – Electric Vehicles – VWFS

“Overcoming electrification challenges for an efficient fleet transition”

David will discuss how fleets can overcome the common challenges associated with transitioning to EVs. He will also explain how to create an effective roadmap to enable a seamless transition.

  • Discussing how to overcome the common fleet electrification challenges and concerns, including:
  • Cost considerations
  • Driver engagement
  • Managing the cost of business mileage in electric vehicles
  • Workplace charging policy
  • Sharing insights into how to develop an effective transition roadmap.

Fraser Crichton, Corporate Fleet Manager – Dundee City Council

“Scotland’s Electric City”

Dundee’s journey to E-Mobility

  • Moving Local Authority Fleet to e-Mobility
  • Developing a holistic EV charging Infrastructure
  • Integration of renewable energy & innovation solutions
  • Future strategies
  • Lessons Learned

Aaron Powell, Fleet Director – Speedy Services

“Case Study: How to’s and Learning Experiences from Choosing your own Fleet”