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Wilsons Auctions is the largest independent auction company in the UK and Ireland, having been in business for 83 years, it has the expertise to realise and remarket any asset.

It has seen significant growth over recent years, expanding its offering both geographically, acquiring new branches and digitally with an innovative new online auction platform as well as investment into current branches.

Growing from a single auction house in Northern Ireland it now offers clients national coverage with 18 sites located across the UK and Ireland, allowing vendors to benefit from assets being placed in the best suited auctions, ultimately offering to the best market.

As a result, the company can collect assets regardless of their destination and place them in the best location in order to achieve the greater returns. Our reporting capabilities are also a valued service to vendors including providing performance reports on demand.

Wilsons Auctions is the only UK-wide auction company to have a presence in the Republic of Ireland, opening us into the European market and beyond with global bidders, along with our website being in the top 1% most visited websites in the world with 28 million visits annually.

The company manages the remarketing of assets on behalf of a number of fleet companies and in recent years has seen significant growth across its fleet vehicle offering. Working with numerous vehicle manufacturers and leasing companies including Motability, Volkswagen and ALD, Wilsons Auctions has seen a combined increase of 38.5% across the group year on year.

The most significant improvement to the fleet operation over the past two years has been the new innovative market leading bespoke online web platform. This allows buyers to purchase assets from the simple click of a button as this is the most cost effective, efficient and streamlined method of asset disposal compared to traditional methods. Having seen a substantial increase over this time, to date it has achieved a £62 million turnover in vehicles.

Not only is this new platform innovative for its clients but it has a positive environmental impact. As a result of Wilsons Auctions national coverage, the vehicles are remarketed at the closest available branch rather than transported to one specific branch which is ultimately reducing Wilsons Auctions carbon footprint. This new platform has resulted in further contract success.

Continually improving its offering to both clients and customers, the expansion of the remarketing of fleet vehicles has been supported by almost £3 million invested into Wilsons Auctions dedicated auction houses, improving the experience for the customer and clients by expanding the auction facilities and allowing for a higher turnover of vehicles.

Wilsons Auctions Business Development Manager, Hannah Moore will be attending the Fleet Services Management Summit. Hannah holds over 10 years of experience within the Fleet industry and will be happy to discuss further what Wilsons Auctions can do for your company.

You can contact Hannah ahead of the summit by emailing hannahmoore@wilsonsauctions.com or for further information on Wilsons Auctions go to www.wilsonsauctions.com.