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Digitised vehicle inspections reducing commercial fleet spend

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A number of recent surveys of commercial fleet managers carried our across the UK (including  those from Webfleet and Samsara) have indicated a focus on reducing fleet spend in 2023 and the importance of investing in technology to realise these cost savings.

Longer replacement cycles (partially driven by new vehicle supply constraints and by cost pressures) mean that fleet managers must contend with an ageing fleet and have to ensure their operation in a safe, reliable and economical way.

Ensuring a safe and reliable (ageing) fleet with minimal downtime can only come out of better SMR management which in turn is a function of how efficiently vehicle condition is monitored, issues identified/anticipated and resolved. Technology in the form of digital fleet inspection software can help with better SMR management.

Digitised vehicle inspections can help fleet managers

  • Assess fleet condition and plan maintenance/repair
  • Identify and anticipate potential safety and compliance issues

Nothing new here although you will be surprised at the number of mid-large fleets still operating on paper based inspections and excel sheets. The trick is to move away from manual/semi-digital processes to digital tools that not only make the inspection process simple but also reduce the admin overhead required to manage the outcome of the inspections effectively.

ClearInspect is one such tool that helps fleet managers administer vehicle inspections seamlessly with an AI enabled app that can be used by drivers or team leads. Most visual inspection checks are via image capture using the smartphone app and images are automatically analysed to identify defects or damages. A customisable easy to use checklist enables capture of other information on the condition of the vehicle.

Alerts are generated for the fleet administrator or manager along with a dashboard for viewing inspection results. Efficient damage management helps not only track but also reduce repair costs for fleet managers and this tool is ideally suited for small to medium fleets (passenger and commercial).

More information available on the website or a free trial can be arranged via