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How self-installed vehicle tracking became an unlikely fleet management hero during ‘Lockdown’

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Back in the summer of 2019, Kinesis launched a new low cost, easy-to-install tracking device named Kinesis atom. At the time, the company purely wanted to offer fleet managers an introduction to vehicle tracking at an affordable price.  However, during the height of the Coronavirus outbreak, and the subsequent ‘lockdowns’, the device has been adopted by thousands of customers in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Malaysia.

Designed for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, the Kinesis atom can be self-installed quickly and provides information on the location and performance of drivers. There is no need to have a professional installer on site. Lockdowns across the world were affecting the way fleets operated with many having to take extra precautions. As you can imagine, given the new restrictions on movement, this became very appealing to fleet managers.  

“We listened to the needs of customers and it was clear that many would start using vehicle tracking if it was easier to install. The Kinesis atom makes tracking simpler at an inexpensive price to reduce the entry level for more vehicle owners”, said Gerville Coe, Group Managing Director of Telematics at Radius. 

“When the pandemic struck, governments decided to lock their countries down and this product became a timely solution given the constraints fleet managers were facing. Like other telematics providers, we were unable to send professional installers to our customer’s premises, but the atom can be installed by anyone, so it was appealing in the lockdown climate. 

The atom is very much aimed at commercial vehicle owners that do not have the luxury of technical teams or IT experts on hand and the results were fantastic. Our customers have been telling us just how helpful the Kinesis atom has been.”, Coe added.

The installation of Kinesis atom does not require any in-depth training or technical know-how; it is as easy as connecting jump leads. The atom device comes pre-configured so installation and activation can happen instantaneously. In addition, Kinesis atom can easily be moved between vehicles.

Kinesis atom has widened the appeal of vehicle tracking, bringing benefits such as improved customer service, better resource utilisation, safer driving and reduced fuel costs. 

Customers can buy it online via www.kinesisfleet.com

Every journey taken by a vehicle is displayed on an online dashboard that enables customers to see where vehicles have been and for how long. 

The Kinesis atom also reports on driver performance metrics including speeding, and it provides a Geofencing feature that enables businesses to easily create virtual zones which trigger an alert when vehicles either arrive or leave a specific area (or a point of interest).

The tracking device also gives users the power to match fuel transactions with vehicle distances travelled to give accurate fuel usage data. By matching fuel card transactions with vehicle location, owners and managers can be alerted of any potentially fraudulent activity.

Kinesis atom was a timely addition to the market during Lockdown, but it is clear that vehicle tracking devices like this will continue to play a big part in fleet management during the years to come.