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RAC Connected offers fleets proactive service and early intervention to prevent breakdown

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Unplanned downtime and vehicles off the road due to preventable breakdown issues, could be a thing of the past for fleets. 

RAC Connected now offers a proactive service to prevent small issues becoming roadside breakdowns, thanks to RAC telematics units at the heart of a more advanced diagnostic system.

The unit, developed by the RAC, links into the OBD Port picking up DTC fault codes from the engine management system. It can identify a developing issue and enable RAC to proactively call the driver if the DTC detected is a problem. If the customer has RAC Breakdown cover for business as well as telematics, the issue can then be dealt with by one of the RAC’s 1,600 expert patrol technicians as an early intervention. 

The RAC Connected service can also link to RAC Accident Services enabling intervention much earlier in the event of an accident as well as breakdown.

Benefits to customers include:

  • Proactive monitoring of DTC Codes
  • Patrol sent to your driver in the event of likely breakdown
  • Early intervention to prevent problems escalating by booking vehicle in for maintenance
  • Reduced costs and downtime 

For more information contact Tracey Speke 

Tel – 07773 035055

Email – tspeke@rac.co.uk