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‘Finding ways to cut vehicle downtime is the only way fleet and leasing companies can stay competitive’

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Leading technology provider for the automotive industry, OEC, has found huge efficiencies with its innovative authorisation platform, reducing vehicle downtime for manufacturers, fleets and lease companies…

  • Athoris can save millions in processing costs by enabling efficiencies through providing access to manufacturer, repairer and leasing company data
  • The digital tool can be fully integrated into any third-party application, seamlessly working in suppliers’ workflows to provide e-invoicing and automated authorisation

As fleet operators and lease companies face pressure from all directions, with heightened operating costs, skills shortages and challenging efficiency targets, a huge area for opportunity is the processing time of authorising the many jobs that keep a fleet on the road. Service, maintenance, repair, body, glass and MOT are all costly – both in time and money – for suppliers, fast fitters, fleets and lease companies, so making this happen as efficiently as possible is key to remaining competitive.

Leading technology provider for the aftersales industry, OEC, has found a way to do this with its innovative authorisation platform, Athoris – reducing vehicle downtime and saving millions in processing costs. This web-based application is an intelligent digital workflow tool, transforming complex authorisations into a single click action, that is completed in seconds, reducing the number of manual administration processes required by technicians and leasing companies.

With access to original equipment (OE) approved data, pricing, labour and parts information, direct from the manufacturer, Athoris provides a line-by-line breakdown and automatic approval without the requirement for human interaction – reducing the number of processes and checks in the event of further approval or payment failure, and resulting in quicker integration of billings, invoicing and payments for fleet operators.

Tim Perry, Fleet Product Manager at OEC comments: “Athoris is an essential solution for the lease and fleet sector, helping suppliers, lease and fleet companies, alike gain huge efficiency in the vehicle work approval process. Athoris helps get work approved quicker, repaired quicker and back on the road quicker. It drives efficiencies and reduces administration through our high levels of automatic authorisation.”

European OEMs have tried and tested Athoris, with one manufacturer saving over three million pounds per year, and eliminating an average of 80 per cent of its authorisation time. Faster authorisation means faster completion of repairs, keeping fleets on the road as much as possible. Tim added: “Cutting vehicle downtime is the only way fleets and leasing companies can stay competitive. We give back thousands of working hours a year, allowing technicians and accountants to use their technical expertise where it matters.

“Also, by being a web-based service, Athoris is compatible with any third-party application, allowing for line-by-line breakdown for invoicing and payment. This, coupled with its e-invoicing and automatic approval for parts and accessories, with access to the OE databases, is a huge win for all companies working in the fleet sector, at a period when time and money are more valuable than ever.”

To learn more about Athoris or for more information about OEC and its range of technology solutions, visit the website: https://oeconnection.com/