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Protecting the planet – How Lucion Services are cutting carbon with Lightfoot

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As a holistic environmental services supplier specialising in hazardous materials testing, inspection, and environmental management solutions, Lucion Services are committed to making the world a safer place.

This commitment extends through all areas of their business, which is why they chose to partner with Lightfoot to make their fleet of 172 vans more environmentally friendly and safer on the roads.

The unique green technology offered by innovative British company Lightfoot – which improves fleet performance by providing real-time, in-cab feedback for safer, more efficient driving – has already made a huge difference to Lucion.

Over 80% of their drivers are now achieving Lightfoot’s Elite Driver optimal driving style, which has significantly lowered their risk on the road and reduced their environmental impact.

Over the last year, Lucion Services have prevented an extra 31.5 tonnes of CO2 from entering the Earth’s atmosphere – that’s equivalent to the energy required to make 4,665,000 cups of tea!

Discover what else Lucion have achieved with Lightfoot

Lucion rolls out innovative Lightfoot technology

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Gateshead-headquartered Lucion Services, an international leader in environmental risk management services, has announced the roll-out of Lightfoot’s in-vehicle driver efficiency technology and rewards platform to its fleet of 197 vans.

The decision follows successful trials which led to uplifts in mpg by more than 10%, reductions in CO2 emissions by 5.6%, falls in idling time by 29% and the eradication of instances of dangerous driving.

Nearly a thousand tonnes of CO2 will be stopped from entering the earth’s atmosphere over a five-year period, this is equivalent to the carbon captured by over a thousand acres of forest a year.

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