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LEVC’s TX hits 50% of all licensed London taxis milestone

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More than half of London’s entire black cab fleet is now zero-emission capable thanks to LEVC’s class-leading electric taxi, as the TX continues to play a vital role in clean green, and accessible urban mobility.

Supporting the UK’s capital to achieve its net zero target, LEVC’s electric TX is accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels. More than 50 percent of London’s 14,700 black taxis are now actively contributing to cleaning up London’s air and the overall environmental impact of London’s iconic taxi fleet is also rapidly reducing.

As the UK’s electric TX fleet increases, so does the positive contribution this purpose-built vehicle is making to cities. Powered by its revolutionary eCity technology, LEVC’s electric TX taxi has travelled more than 700 million miles globally and prevented more than 200,000 tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions from entering the world’s atmosphere since its introduction in 2018.

Alex Nan, CEO of LEVC, commented: “With more than half the black cabs on London’s streets now electric, thanks to the iconic TX, today represents another momentous milestone for LEVC. We would like to thank London’s famous black cab drivers, who have been instrumental in this achievement.

Since its launch, the TX has delivered an unrivalled sustainable mobility solution. Globally the TX has saved an incredible 200,000 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, with London leading the way in helping us to achieve that. But there is always more that we can do. Other cities can learn from London’s world-leading approach, improving air quality throughout urban settings, to the benefit of the public and the environment.

“LEVC is committed to working alongside policymakers to demonstrate the positive impact that the TX is having in our cities, as we seek to continue building a greener and more accessible transport network better suited for all.”

Helen Chapman, Transport for London’s Director of Licensing and Regulation, said: “London’s black taxis are recognised worldwide and we are proud to see that so many drivers are helping clean up our air and assist us in tackling the city’s health emergency by driving zero emission capable vehicles (ZEC). Reaching this milestone is a great reflection of how London is working hard to be a greener, more sustainable, environmentally friendly city. We know that by bringing more electric and ZEC vehicles to London we can continue to bring down the level of harmful chemicals in the air and reduce the impact of road transport on our environment.

“Making the taxi fleet cleaner and bringing more electric vehicle charging points to the capital are significant parts of the wider efforts we’re making to help continue being London’s strong, green heartbeat, cleaning London’s air, and helping get Londoners around the city in the greenest ways possible.”

The TX taxi is an accessible and inclusive vehicle for all, regardless of age or disability. Featuring flexible space for up to six passengers, the vehicle includes an integrated wheelchair ramp enabling the TX to accommodate a forward-facing wheelchair – the only taxi of its kind to do so.

The TX’s eCity technology provides a pure EV range of 78 miles and a total range-extended capacity of 333 miles, making it ideally suited to London’s busy black cab drivers. LEVC manufactures the electric TX at its state-of-the-art facility in Ansty, Coventry. With an investment of over £1 billion from the Geely Holding Group since 2014, LEVC has built the UK’s first dedicated manufacturing plant for electric vehicles. LEVC recently announced its new strategy that will see it grow beyond manufacturing the TX, to become a leading zero-carbon mobility technology company.

THE WHICHEV VIEW: Does LEVC’s Space oriented Architecture point the way for fleets?

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By WhichEV

LEVC is the original ‘London Black Cab Company’ from the Victorian era – and it’s still making interesting vehicles today. As they move across to electric power trains, so they will expand the variety of vehicles offered – and the range of features included.

Specifically, they have just made the move on a full accessible taxi that has integrated ramps and enough internal space to allow a wheel chair to spin 360 degrees.

Backed by huge Chinese producer Geely (who own Volvo, Lotus, Polestar etc), LEVC is using intelligent design to create a variety of products from common core modules – including Electric Vans.

This ability to create/adapt/innovate comes from the underlying ‘Space Oriented Architecture’, where ‘proven sections’ can be integrated in interesting new ways. LEVC has used this SOA to create the perfect taxi for disabled people in cities.

In the near future, Fleet Managers will be able to take advantage of this kind of design – in order to create the perfect vehicle for their needs.

Everything from cabs and vans to ambulances will be catered for – and not at ‘silly money’.

Read more about this topic over at WhichEV.

LEVC takes wraps off next-gen EV platform

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LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has unveiled a new pure electric vehicle technology that it says will provide the foundation of its transformation from a high-end taxi manufacturer, to a leading provider of e-mobility solutions.

The Space Oriented Architecture (SOA), co-developed with Geely Holding Group, is modular and scaleable, bringing what LEVC calls ‘interior-optimised zero-emission mobility’ to more consumers than ever before, while enabling LEVC to enter new sectors.

Developed over the past 2.5 years at R&D centres in China, Sweden, the UK and Germany, SOA’s flexibility is designed t0 maximise interior space, offering multiple seating and load-carrying configurations. It can support a wide range of new products – from passenger carrying models, to commercial vehicles, offering significant advances in range, efficiency, safety, charging time, durability and connectivity.

Supporting vehicle sizes from 4,860mm-5995mm in length and 1945mm-1998mm in width, with wheelbases from 3000mm-3800mm, SOA is configurable for a wide range of EVs, from spacious passenger-carrying models to cargo-optimised commercial applications. SOA can also offer  front-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive layouts too.

Equipped with a wide choice of state-of-the-art batteries from 73kWh to 120kWh, SOA has been designed to suit the individual needs of a customer. By combining space with long ranges – of up to 695km – and ultra-fast charging, SOA maximises convenience, with minimal downtime.

Alex Nan, CEO of LEVC, said: “SOA optimises onboard space offering multiple configurations and endless possibilities, a new advanced EV platform which supports LEVC’s new strategy to become a leading zero-carbon mobility provider. Combined with our groundbreaking L-OS digital architecture, it will bring our new mission to life, delivering smart, green, safe and accessible mobility to all, enabling us to transform from a high-end taxi manufacturer, launching LEVC into new sectors, with an extended range of  state-of-the-art pure electric vehicles.

“For LEVC, the concept of ‘mobility’ is not new. We have more than a century of ‘mobility’ in our DNA. The iconic vehicles this company has produced since 1908 may have changed over time, but the core principles have not: they have always been purpose-built for the city, focused on the best occupant experience. A spacious experience.

“Building on LEVC’s unrivalled heritage in producing the iconic London black cab, we are adapting our business to meet the rapidly accelerating demand for spacious, flexible electric vehicles. Our rich history is combined with the resources of the Geely organisation to set our brand on an exciting new path, as LEVC today launches an adaptable architecture for an adapting world. With the combined strength of our new strategy and SOA, we will bring advanced zero-emission transportation to more customers than ever before.”

LEVC has now sold 7,000 TX ‘electrictaxis’ globally

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LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) has marked a major milestone of 7,000 global sales of its TX ‘electrictaxi’, and has given Londoners the chance to hail a ride for free.

From Thursday 19th May until Thursday 26th May, there will be three unique ‘celebration cabs’ roaming around central London. Each will be kitted out with a unique exterior, as well as a special surprise inside for passengers to enjoy, celebrating not only 7,000 global TX sales but also the upcoming Jubilee.

Over the next seven days, anyone who hails one of the three distinctive taxis will be able to travel from their pick-up point to any destination within the North and South Circular, with the fare being picked up by LEVC.

Since launching in 2018, the TX has provided sustainable transport to both owners and passengers in more than 20 countries. Over the last four years, LEVC claims its electric TX taxi has travelled more than 418 million miles globally and prevented 127,000 tonnes of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere.

LEVC’s TX has flexible space for up to six passengers, the vehicle includes an integrated wheelchair ramp, enabling it to accommodate a forward-facing wheelchair – the only taxi of its kind to do so. The TX’s eCity technology provides a pure EV range of more than 64 miles and a total range-extended capacity of 318 miles.

Joerg Hofmann, CEO of LEVC, said: “LEVC is proud to have sold 7,000 electric TX taxis across the globe. The iconic black cab can now be seen from Paris to Madrid and Cairo to Tokyo; it truly is a vehicle for everyone, everywhere.

“As the iconic “black cab” is an integral part of the London landscape, we wanted to mark 7,000 global sales of our TX in the capital. As the British population will also be celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s reign of 70 years, we felt it was appropriate to bring a classic British street party theme to our three celebration cabs.

“The black cab has been a familiar sight on city streets for more than a hundred years and today’s TX has never been more fit for purpose. Offering unrivalled accessibility, capable of zero emissions  and eliminating range anxiety, the TX is the ideal choice for both cab-drivers and passengers in any city.”