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THE WHICHEV VIEW: Humax is about to make the EV charger market a lot more competitive

960 640 Stuart O'Brien

All markets go through a similar cycle: One (or more!) smart folks come up with an invention, innovation explodes and some ‘early leaders’ are established, then smaller companies combine or change industries. Meanwhile, major companies (with lots of similar/relevant experience), tend to come in a little later – but rapidly build a much larger presence. We’ve just seen the announcement that Humax are entering the charger market – and things will become a lot more ‘competitive’.

Humax is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of set-top boxes – both for ‘subscriber services’ and Freeview, etc. That gives them the large scale production, software expertise and routes to market.

In fact, they will be on hand to demonstrate their first AC units at the Everything Electric Show at the Excel from 28th to 30th March 2024.

The initial price (ex VAT) is expected to be around £520 and larger commercial models will follow.

The more competition in the market – the cheaper it will become for Fleet Managers etc to install ‘at base’ – either for travelling salesmen or customers (as a courtesy).

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