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FTA launches Van Policy Working Group

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The FTA has launched a dedicated Van Policy Working Group, comprised of 41 leaders within the sector that will discuss key policy compliance issues facing van drivers and their employers.

FTA’s existing van programme includes Operational Briefings, held across the country to boost knowledge and expertise across van operators, and the Van Driver of the Year award.

The organisation says efficient logistics are vital to keep Britain trading, directly having an impact on more than seven million people employed in the making, selling and moving of goods. 

It says its decision to great the new Working group has been driven in no small part by Brexit, new technology and other disruptive forces driving change in the way goods move across borders and through the supply chain, logistics has never been more important to UK plc. 

Elizabeth de Jong, Director of UK Policy at FTA, said: “As the number of vans on the UK’s roads continues to soar, it is vital the interests of individuals and businesses operating these vehicles are represented with stakeholders and government. The creation of a Van Policy Working Group reinforces FTA’s commitment to the market.  As logistics needs change, and vans become increasingly important to UK PLC, this will mean FTA is perfectly placed to lead this sector forwards to even greater success.

“The new Van Policy Working Group represents just one initiative in FTA’s rich programme of activity. And with many new projects in the pipeline, including the development of a specialist emission zone advice service, FTA has positioned itself at the forefront of this burgeoning sector.”

“Over the past 12 months, the number of van drivers in the UK has increased by more than 12% and together, they cover 51 billion miles a year. With this growth comes the need to evaluate current safety, compliance and efficiency standards and drive improvements wherever necessary. The Van Policy Working Group provide a vital mouthpiece for the industry with government, regulators and other stakeholders and provide a platform to communicate and debate the issues the market is facing.  Van drivers and operators provide a vital service to the UK economy; their contributions must be valued and their concerns and hopes for the future heard and acted upon.”

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Commercial fleets in South West offered best practice training

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New training course dates have been announced for fleet managers across the South West of England via a partnership between Venson Automotive Solutions and the Freight Transport Association (FTA). 

Taking place in September and October in Devon and Cornwall, the course will focus on achieving higher standards and best practice in managing light commercial vehicles.

Fleet managers are being advised to sign up ASAP to guarantee places. 

The most recent Road Casualties Report from the DfT revealed there were 26,610 people killed or seriously injured reported to the police in the year ending June 2018. An estimated one third of road traffic collisions in Britain involve someone at work, excluding commuting journeys.

Alison Bell, Marketing Director for Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “Employers have a duty of care to those driving as part of their work activities. They must ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, that they are providing a safe working environment at all times. 

“The stark DfT road accident figures demonstrate why it is important for companies to comply with health and safety regulations when operating a van fleet. We are therefore supporting commercial vehicle operators in Devon and Cornwall by providing a course designed for individuals who manage or supervise a van fleet. Having achieved Van Excellence accreditation ourselves, we are passionate about sharing best practice with fleet and transport teams.

“The training sessions include vehicle maintenance systems, overloading, towing and driver competence. This course is part of Venson’s focus on raising standards and helping fleet managers operate safe, legal and efficient commercial fleets to help reduce road casualties across the UK.”

Individuals attend a half-day workshop which includes a short exam that leads to  the FTA Certificate of Excellence, which is valid for 3 years.

The FTA Van Excellence Code incorporates advice and support from many of the UK’s leading van fleets and represents an ideal basis for the safe and legal operation of vans and light commercial vehicles (LCV). It also forms the basis of the accreditation process for operators seeking recognition under FTA’s Van Excellence scheme.

For more information on the seminars please contact Arron Wells 08444 99 1402 or email events@venson.com

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