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Futureproof your fleet with Northgate’s unique mix of dependability, agility, and innovation

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Northgate has been supporting the commercial vehicle needs of British businesses, the public sector and charities for 40 years. We have supported our customers throughout the pandemic emergency every step of the way. As the country re-emerges, Northgate will continue to be there meeting tomorrow’s fleet needs, too. 

We understand that times are extremely challenging, and our customers’ needs are changing. That is why we are continually investing in our people, technology, systems, and products to ensure that we can address all our customers’ fleet concerns.

Northgate has continued its transformation into a specialist B2B customer-centric LCV mobility provider with a full range of necessary support services for van users. We call it Vans as a Service (VaaS).

Customers can access a wide range of LCVs as standard – and any type of vehicle on request. 

Our telematics options have been upgraded with improved dashboards and the addition of fuel card integration, enabling customers to see locations of fuel fill-ups, better detail on vehicle mpg, and identifying any potentially fraudulent activity.  

Our New Accident Management service manages every aspect of incidents– from First Notification of Loss (FNOL) to vehicle repair, replacement vehicles and legal services – easing the burden of dealing with multiple incidents and helping to get drivers back on the road, whether a Northgate vehicle or not. 

Our Vehicle Inspection App supports compliance through delivering daily vehicle checks electronically, saving administration and turning checks into a safer paperless exercise.

Driver Risk Management includes a 4-stage driver risk assessment to understand where additional training could be beneficial, reporting suite and range of e-Learning modules and bespoke training that can be used at any stage of the driver cycle.

We believe commercial vehicles should enable businesses to do what they do best. Northgate customers benefit from services and agility not possible to those who buy, or contract hire their fleets. Whatever their needs, Northgate customers know they can rely on our dependability and flexibility.

Find out more at or call us on 0330 042 0903.

The importance of rental to efficient commercial fleets

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David Brennan (pictured), CEO of Nexus Vehicle Rental, explores how rental plays a key role in the running of an efficient commercial fleet… 

The commercial vehicle (CV) industry is the backbone of the UK economy, with vehicles facilitating the movement of people, assets, and goods, stimulating the economy and helping to keep it stable. 

Although often seen as a short-term solution, fleets are increasingly turning to rental – for short, medium, and long-term use – to safeguard against market uncertainty. Rental offers flexibility, enabling fleet capacity to be scaled up to cope with peak periods and scaled back at quieter times of year, minimising costs as you only need to pay for additional vehicles when you need them.

In a deadline-driven industry the right distribution channels are essential, with access to a strong vehicle supply chain to avoid downtime being paramount to keeping businesses moving. 

Through its pioneering rental booking and management platform, IRIS, Nexus has transformed the business mobility industry in much the same way that Uber disrupted taxi services – by providing on-demand access to the UK’s largest supply chain of 550,000 vehicles across 2,000 locations, including commercial and specialist vehicles, EVs, HGVs and one, day autonomous vehicles. Nexus provides businesses with a viable, cost-effective alternative to the outright purchase of new commercial vehicles, which depreciate in value quickly.

IRIS works to minimise errors and enables customers to self-serve, putting them in control of the entire rental process. Automation means that 90% of bookings involve no human interaction, which helps to streamline rental management and allows new bookings to be made in just 30 seconds. 

Along with this, IRIS’ intuitive Management Information (MI) suite also spots trends in vehicle usage to identify inefficiencies in the rental process. This provides complete transparency to all rental vehicle requirements and enables users to make informed decisions on how to reduce business costs. 

By seeking a flexible rental solution, through a third party such as Nexus, businesses are always equipped to meet their changing mobility needs. Nexus is best placed to keep businesses moving with its all-encompassing technology-led mobility solution.

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