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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Introducing ClearInspect – Making fleet inspections simple, efficient & accurate

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ClearInspect helps fleet managers efficiently assess & track vehicle condition based on smartphone images and thereby reduce damages and costs.

Damage repair costs in fleets

Ageing fleet due to supply shortages and inflationary cost pressures mean fleet managers need to find effective ways to reduce damages and associated repair costs. Vehicle inspections are largely manual and tracking damages requires extensive admin effort. Vehicle damage history is a messy plethora of emails, messages, paperwork, image files in folders even for ‘well managed’ fleets. Overall resulting in lower accountability and frequent unrecorded damage ending in huge repair bills.

Making damage assessment efficient

ClearInspect is a simple intuitive mobile app that helps even untrained users carry out fleet inspections in a guided way. Walk around images of a vehicle captured using the app are analysed automatically to identify & assess damages, documented uniquely and a vehicle condition report is generated. Damages are also categorized as new and pre-existing. Fleet managers can get alerts on new damages to any vehicle, also see the latest status of each of their fleet in a dashboard. Reducing time and effort in inspections and tracking damages is one area where fleets see benefit from using ClearInspect. Better tracking results in increased accountability with users of the fleet and thereby has been proven to reduce damages and related costs for commercial fleet customers of ClearInspect in the UK and Europe.

Walk-around / Pre-use checks, Handover, regular inspections – all in one

In addition to its unique image based damage assessment functionality, the app has a fully customizable checklist that can be used to carry out all types of inspections. Available for both iOS and Android devices (phones, tablets) as well as a mobile weblink feature that enables inspections to be carried out in a mobile browser (without an app download). A web dashboard is available for fleet managers to see inspection details and vehicle damage history.

About ClearQuote Technologies Limited

ClearInspect is a product of ClearQuote Technologies Limited, recently established in the UK with its headquarters registered in Cardiff, the company operates an extensive engineering team in India and includes clients in Australia, UK, Europe & India and powers several thousand vehicle inspections a day.

Visit for more information or write to for a demo and a free trial.