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Reducing collisions and increasing driver safety

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A video-based safety programme cuts incidents and helps with fast and efficient management when they happen.

Commercial fleets and drivers have a tough job on the road and around the vehicle. Balancing legislative compliance, safety requirements and collision avoidance is not only challenging, it can also drain financial resources and increase operating costs. 

SmartDrive enables fleets to reduce the frequency, severity and financial impact of collisions. With the combination of video, driving intelligence, vehicle data and personalised performance profiles, SmartDrive’s video-based driver risk management programme gives fleets a comprehensive view of risky driving. It provides the right tools to reduce preventable collisions and exonerate not-at-fault drivers – all through an easy-to-use, fully-managed service. 

When collisions do occur, SmartDrive gives management, safety personnel and drivers a true understanding of what really happened. This helps determine causality, reduces liability and minimises fraudulent claims. The captured and analysed video also guides constructive feedback to drivers to help them operate their vehicles as safety and efficiently as possible.

Prevention is real and proven

Research shows that, on average, for every 300 unsafe driving acts, a fleet will experience 29 minor collisions and one major one. The key to eliminating collisions is in tackling the unsafe behaviours. Video-based safety provides a cost-effective, approach to identify and coach risky driving behaviour out of your fleet. In addition to reducing collision frequency, it helps fleets reduce ‘bad costs’ in terms of decreased liability and vehicle damage. It also helps improve claims accuracy and speeds resolution. Implemented properly, driver safety and security are quickly improved and drivers feel more secure in the knowledge that the system will help exonerate them when they’re not at fault. Furthermore, by focussing on developing safer and more anticipative driving across the fleet, operators can see savings in both maintenance and fuel expenses. SmartDrive provides expert analysis, with a prioritised coaching queue, that is specific to a fleet’s compliance and operating practices. It is accessible via a secure and dedicated online portal, so fleet managers and driver trainers/coaches can access a full suite of management and KPI reports to enable them to work proactively with their drivers.

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